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ICEPACK sleeper cab a/c

Get yourself the toughest aircon there is! Check out our great solutions for truck air conditioning. There is something to suit everyone, and all the details are included so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Haultech's Icepack range has the most powerful cooling capacity of any APU sleeper cab air-conditioners on the market at 6kw or 22,000 BTU. We have combined the best parts available with our innovative design and installation techniques, to create an ultra tough and reliable unit that will add value to your vehicle all while making your life on the road very comfortable.

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Blingin' Good Looking

Not only is the ICEPACK range tough and durable, we can offer complete customisation of lids to enhance your truck.

Colour coded powder coat, stainless - all that shines! Call our guys today to see what we can do for you. 1800 625 746

As we say, when it is hot - dam hot - you need an Icepack! Check out our great solutions for truck air conditioning.

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